Ontario Bengals

We are experienced Bengal lovers conveniently located just north of Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in showing Brown Rosetted Bengal Cats (Brown Spotted Kittens!).

All of our Bengal pets are lovingly hand raised with no cages and freely roam our house.

Our cats are not “wild”; however, they are very active, love attention and love heights. Every Ontario Bengal family member gets lots of individual playing time and is highly exposed to children and other feline family members, so they are used to interacting with kids and other cats.

We fully test our Bengal cats to ensure their health free from genetic diseases.

All of our bengals are registered with TICA and CCA pedigrees as Pure Bred Bengals.

Shinobi – (RETIRED)

Shinobi is a pure bred Bengal cat, courtesy of Rideau Lakes Cattery.  He is our big boy and is extremely loving and adores attention and being around people.  Like all of our cats, he has free reign over the house and tends to rule the highest heights.




Xena – Warrior Queen (RETIRED)

Xena is courtesy of ZallyCatz Cattery.  While she may be smaller than Shinobi, she more than makes up for it in swagger. A strong and firm but also tender, loving mother.

Available pets

February 2020

Ontario Bengals is currently in transition and has no kittens available and has no litters planned yet. We are in the process of starting up again so check back for more information. Please reach out for more info or join our mailing list to receive contact if we have available a retired breeding stud or queen.