Bengal Cat Personality

Bengals have a lot of personality and are lively, intelligent and interactive cats.  They, typically, don’t ignore you nor are they dull cats.  They will be an active part of your family.  They are outstanding athletes: running, climbing and jumping to huge heights.  They’ve been known to play fetch and can be trained.  They love attention too and will frequently nuzzle your face, flip on their backs and crave affection.  Don’t be surprised to see your Bengal jump on the bed and kneed the covers with their paws and sleep with you until morning.

Bengals are NOT wild animals.  Unless you specifically buy an early generation Bengal, then your Bengal will be many generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat and they have been domesticated with lots of skill and work from dedicated Bengal breeders.  They will be no more aggressive or wild than any other domestic cat.

How are Bengals With:

Kids: Great!  Bengals love kids and enjoy their high levels of energy.  All of our Bengals have been socialized with some very energetic, grabby and loud children so they will be familiar with most behaviours that children do. Just remember that children need to be coached on how to approach a kitten and how to be gentle.

Dogs: Great!  With all other pets make sure that they are gradually introduced and have an opportunity to get familiar with each other’s scents before they physically meet.  Bengals can actually bond with dogs and become great friends.

Water: You wouldn’t believe that a cat would like water so much.  Most Bengals love to splash and play with water.  Running water from a sink or a fountain is a blast to play with.  Watch your toilet (especially if you use cleaning agents like bleach) and running hot water.  It’s rare, but some Bengals have also been known to swim or to shower with their owners!

5 Replies to “Bengal Cat Personality”

  1. This sounds wonderful but I will need to get my own place before I get one. Me and my sis r gonna be getting a place together. She has a German Shepard/Rottie mix so I was wondering if that’s ok with a banger cat.

  2. Hello,
    My wife and I are shopping for a cat and I have a friend with a Bengal. The reason we are considering the Bengal is because I am allergic to most cats but I don’t react to my friend’s Bengal. Can you tell me if you’ve had others say the same??

    1. Hi Chris,

      Bengals are hypoallergenic – which basically means that they have a reduced allergic reaction – most people who are allergic to cats have a reduced or no reaction to Bengals. You definitely have to test it – out – please visit with some cats (not kittens) and see what happens!

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